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Positive Masculine ep.21: Masculinity Rises from the Male Body

Masculinity is not a social construct; it is an expression of the Male Body's particular abilities and needs. Masculine gender roles are our traditional methods of meeting those needs and channelling those abilities. By understanding what the Male Body needs, man can make himself healthier and happier.   Men who have been abused, neglected, or abused rarely have the healthy connection to their masculinity that they need. When they develop that connection, they not only have the resources to heal from their trauma, but also tend to move forward to a better life.

The Positive Masculine ep.15:Taking Care of Your Health

In this episode I am talking about a personal wake-up call I've had regarding my health, and my relationship with health-care. I would like to recommend the following resources that were part of the Ultimate Men's Summit (http://ultimatemenssummit.com) When the Body Says No: The Deadly Cost of Stress w/ Gabor Mate Unintentional Suicide Claims 500,000 Men Annually with Gordon Clay Along with Dr. Mate's book "When the Body Says No" (http://drgabormate.com/book/when-the-body-says-no/)

The Positive Masculine Ep.12: Drive and the Pyramid of Wellness

Episode 12 of the Positive Masculine, where I talk about how having a mission affects your life for the better by increasing your drive. I also discuss a new idea model in development to help people keep healthy and focused. Special thanks in this video go to: The Lunchtime Talkers Toastmasters club, Ann Piasecki, Stacey Lynn Mitchell, Athol Kay, and Jeff Kropman. Thank you all for encouragement and inspiration.

The Positive Masculine ep.9: Myths of Male Sexuality

On the Myth that Men are forever sexually ready, willing, and able, and how that hurts Men and Women. Louann Brizendine's Book, The Male Brain Additional resources on male hormone cycles from the Ultimate Men's Summit I would recommend would be: "Energy Medicine The Ultimate Power Tool for 21st Century Men" by Jed Diamond "How Different Are We The remarkable Difference between Male and Female Brains" by Michael Gurian "Unintentional Suicide Claims over 500 000 Men Annually" by Gordon Clay Also link-worthy: Typhon Blue's "The Power of Pussy"

The Positive Masculine ep.4: The End of the Age of Sacrifice

Men throughout history have always been required to make sacrifices in order to ensure the good of the species and the security of their loved ones. I believe that this is to be respected and honoured. However, I do not believe that we retain the right, in an age when survival is essentially assured, to demand that Men continue to make such sacrifices. Ultimately, the power to sacrifice makes Men capable of accomplishing incredible feats, and when he has some purpose that is worthy of sacrifice; it makes him happier, healthier, stronger, and wiser. But if he wishes to tap that incredible power source, it must be on his terms.

Reply to Murray Pearson: How we can help Male Rape Survivors process their Experience

Murray Pearson asked me to voice in on what I believe we can do to help Men who have been raped to understand and begin processing their experiences. Ultimately, I believe it is about creating Male spaces and helping Men develop a Core identity that is not predicated on feminine approval or their sexuality. We need to be able to step away from our sex lives in order to be able to see what is happening in them. Murray's question was in response to another video that I created. Check out Murray's channel and learn about his struggle with the family court system.